Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometimes s@#t hits the fan

Last Tuesday my grandmother was admitted to the ICU with a ridiculously low blood pressure and in renal failure. After days of being sedated with 4 IV’s of blood pressure medication and on ventilation she is finally doing much better, her kidneys are now functioning, her BP is now high instead of low, and she has been taken off the ventilator and is alert.

She has now been diagnosed with dementia. And doctors say it is not safe for her to live alone. As far back as I can remember my grandmother has always lived with a man (lets call him CJ) my grandparents were divorced before I was born and my grandma has lived with CJ ever since.

But now CJ is also old and mentally fragile and the two of them living alone is like the blind leading the blind.

So my parents have contacted CJ’s kids in Chile and asked if they can take him back to Chile to live the rest of his life out there, with family. Meanwhile I believe the plan is to put my grandmother in a home.


On top of this my mom’s dad went to the hospital yesterday to have a cardiac catheterization done.

The word his doctor used was “grave”. His blockage is so sever that they are planning on doing a triple or quadruple bypass surgery. He meets with the surgeon at 5:30 pm today and will most likely be admitted to the hospital.


Despite sending out tons of résumé’s I have only heard back from two companies. One was offering me much less than I make now, and one I had a phone interview with yesterday. I applied to a job yesterday that I REALLY want, so any crossed fingers or prayers you can send my way would be much appreciated.

The phone interview went well I think, and I should be hearing back by tomorrow if they want me to come in for a real interview, but the only problem with this job is that I would be required to work on Sat or Sun every week and I’m not sure that I am open to that.


Emmers said...

I'm sorry about your grandparents. My Great-Aunt had demensia before she passed and it was very hard. Sending youlove and crossed fingers.

Mo said...

i love you Kathy. I'm keeping your family in my prayers. MWAH

Little Sarita said...

*hugs* I've got all my fingers crossed for you - typing is VERY interesting, incidentally.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. You have my number if you need to rant or rave or vent or... well, I like you so I'll even SING to you, if you need it. ^_^