Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Antje Duvekot - Diana's Song lyrics

When I was a little butterfly, I wasn't off to the best start I flew right into a big wet puddle and would not have gotten far Little wings stuck to the pavement amidst pedestrians and cars But you smiled and picked me up cause that's the way you are That's the way

Well you took me in and dried me off and I wondered what I did To deserve a spot in your loving heart, now you're never getting rid of me And I could search the whole wide world until my feet hurt For a friend like you And I could make it a full time task, I don't think anyone would pass Cause I love you more than I could ever sing More than most anything

Winter, spring, summer, fall, tupperware, and fudge And your little butterfly flew crooked but you loved me just as much And you said, "Take my love with you, this will always be your home You may flutter off in crooked flight, but you will never be alone"

And I know I would have to search the whole wide world until my feet hurt For a friend like you And I could make it a full time task, I don't think anyone would pass Cause I love you more than I could ever sing More than most anything

Well maybe one day I'll be famous and maybe one day I'll be rich And I will buy you a mansion and some German kitchen knives But just in case that doesn't happen, I wrote this song here to remind you Of how very much I love you, so let me tell you one more time I know that I would have to search the whole wide world until my feet hurt For a friend like you And I could make it a full time task, I don't think anyone would pass Cause I love you more than I could ever sing

More than most anything

More than most anything

More than most anything

i found this song on Pandora, and i really love it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well my day just took a weird turn.

My boss came into my cube and told me that my presence was requested in the front office.

“Do I need a pen and paper?”

“Nope, just yourself”

I get to the office; there are 6 of us, our VP, two ladies from the front office, my boss, our director, and myself. Then they close the door to the front office and the VP pulls out a bottle of champagne and pours it out into flutes and hands it to each of us.

We are drinking champagne at 11:00am at the office?

I quickly realize that the champagne is in the running to be served to our attendees at one of our receptions and that not only did we want to taste test it but we wanted to see how many glasses we could fill.

So now my entire dept has a slight buzz from some very potent champagne.

Sometimes I love my job!
UPDATE: at 4pm we got into bottles number 2 and 3. so now i am definately buzzed!!
UPDATE #2: on Friday at 4pm we drank bottle number 4! bottles #1 and #4 were the best!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

So last night I spent another 4 hours or so shopping for a dress for the wedding. And I found something! It’s not great but it the same basic shape as the original dress.

The picture below was take using my cell phone, so please excuse the quality. The blue dress is the dress all the other girls are wearing and the green dress is the dress I decided on. There were other dresses I liked better but they did not match the theme of the wedding.

I was thinking about finding a clutch for Lauren and I on Etsy and I found the PERFECT ones! They are on order from the UK and I’m so excited to get them!!!!! I just don’t know which one I should give Lauren and which one I should keep for myself. What do you think? (please remember it’s a peacock inspired wedding)

thank you to Rowena of RedRubyRose for making these!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

“Shopping woes and other stories”

Since Thursday of last week I have begun and not finished two posts.

One titled “Obama ruined my day” and the other titled “What a bad weekend”

I’m not going to go back and write these posts, instead I will continue forward with my new post.

“Shopping woes and other stories”

Yesterday for the third day in a row I went to the mall. I purchased a dress I thought would work for the wedding and brought it home. Now I’m not stupid, I tried it on twice in the store, but because of the cut of the dress and the fact that I was alone I could never get the dress to zip by myself. When I got home I tried the dress on again and this time with some help got it zipped. It zips, but is a bit too tight in the bust. So tonight for the 4th day in a row I will be returning to the mall to return the dress I bought yesterday and continue the search. This will also be the third mall in 4 days. I love shopping but damn am I tired of this.

TIP: when trying on hundreds of dresses wear one shirt that is easily removed and replaced. NEVER LAYER!

I wore two layered shirts when I went shopping on Sunday and getting them back on quickly was always a problem.

On the up side I have also made it to the gym 3 out of the last 4 days and I plan to continue. I think it’s mostly due to me needing to work off some pent up anger with all things silk, chiffon, or knee length with a side zipper. I have also been eating pretty well. Lots of raw fruits and veggies and I have been trying very hard not to consume too many carbs. this manifested itself last night when Russ made some great looking pasta and I ate all of 4 noodles! I spent the rest of the night dreaming of a heaping bowl of pasta with lots of parm!

Friday is the Great Big Sea concert at Wolf Trap. I’m going to pack a picnic but have no idea what to bring yet. Wine of corse, I’m thinking pasta salad too, but what else?

And my last bit of new today is…..SAT is the first day of the new FAIRE season!

For those of you who don’t know I work at the Maryland Renaissance Festival at Wolfstone Kilt Co. I was not planning on working there this year due to my real job, BUT now I will be there at least 5 Saturdays! And it’s looking like Sat will not be 105 degrees like last year, instead they are calling for a high of 88! That I can handle.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello? is this thing on?

Well with much thanks to those fabulous little blue pills (not THOSE kind!) my stomach ache is finally gone.

We have once again begun the search for a home. Tonight we will be going to see 3 and if we have any time on Thursday we may see one more. We are making an offer on a short sale but it already has a good offer on it so I’m not getting my hopes up, but it’s gorgeous!.

The bridal shower was splendid. I looked like I was moving to Winchester with the amount of stuff I took with me. I picked a color theme of bright blue and bright green. I went to party city and found plates, cups, napkins, utensils and wine cups all in the party colors. I even found some clear “bowls” in the party colors and they were priced at 7.99 and 9.99, they lady at the register rang all 4 up at .99 so that was awesome!

And on top of that when I went to go get the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for Lauren I ended up buying the $359.99 mixer for only 249.99 thanks to a mix up at Kohl’s! YAY!

I also bought the giant cupcake cake pan and I made two cakes. I frosted them with white frosting and then added blue and green dots and circles; they kinda looked like mushrooms which was very appropriate. I was very worried that the center of the cakes would not be completely cooked because they were so dense, but the cake was wonderful and everyone loved it. I also made cheese fondue, margaritas, chicken nuggets and pizza bagels, all of Laurens favorites. Her mom bought salad, cheese and deli meat platters and made some awesome soba noodles. My mom and I made friends with an older lesbian couple at the party; they were a lot of fun and so easy to talk with!

I’d say it was a good time had by all.

p.s. i'll post pics when i get them.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So I went to the doctor, he has no idea what is wrong. He gave me a medication for the stomach spasms and told me to take Tylenol extra strength, but that he did not want to give me any narcotics so that if the pain got worse I would know.

So far I’m not getting as many spasms and the ones I am getting aren’t as sharp, but now I feel the pain when I move a certain way, and the tension from all the pain is sitting in my back and really hurts.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Winchester to do a site visit with Lauren for her wedding and then I have to go looking for a new home, instead of closing on the condo like I thought I would be.

I also have to go bridal shower shopping for Lauren’s gift as well as for all the food for the shower on Sunday and all the decorations (yes, I have to drive to Winchester again on Sunday. yuck)

My boss and co-worker think I have an ulcer, that is so not funny!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock Bottom

I’m not sure I could feel worse if I tried.

Last night Russ and I made a very hard decision. we rescinded our offer on the condo we were going to close on, on Friday. About 5 hours later we both realized it was a bad decision, but there was nothing we could do. I spent most of the night crying.

On top of that for the past 3 days I have had this sharp pain in my stomach, it comes and goes like cramps, and nothing makes it go away. I got no sleep last night between my pain and the crying.

I tried to make a Dr’s Appointment for this morning but they did not have one until 11. That would have put me at work way too late. So I have an appointment at 4pm. But I’m dying at work. I’m not quite sure I can even drive to the doctors, but I will try.

I found a new realtor which is going to take Russ and I around to see places on Friday, but nothing I am finding is as good a deal in as good as a location. I feel like we lost our chance.

The stress of all of this I think might have something to do with me being sick. I know this is TMI but me period lasted 9 days instead of the usual 4-5 and then right as it was ending I lost my appetite and my stomach started hurting. I have hardly eaten anything in 4 days.

All I want to do is curl up in bed and cry, but I’m at working trying to do work that I can’t concentrate on. All I can say is thank God that my boss did not come to work today I probably would have yelled at her and been fired. So thats a plus I guess. So far today, I have not been fired, but there are still several hours left in the day, so who knows.

Monday, August 4, 2008

~*~THE END~*~

Mo and I bought Breaking Dawn at midnight on Friday.

And yesterday I finished.

I don’t want to say much for those of you, who have not read it yet, but I definitely enjoyed it and I thought the ending was fitting.

Just as a side note, I think it will be next to impossible to make a decent movie out of this book. So I’m not expecting any miracles.

On Elliot in the morning today he was complaining about all the 30 year olds dressed as vampires at the mall on Friday.

I have to say the prom dresses were cute and one girl’s BF even wore a TUX! But I really hated all the kids dressed as vampires. HAVE YOU READ THE BOOKS? The characters all wear jeans, khakis, sweaters, and t-shirts, NORMAL CLOTHING! So unless you are wearing a cape because you want to be the Volturi, WTF?

BTW who’s excited for True Blood?

If you are an adult and loved the twilight series check out the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris, there is lots of awesome vampire sex to be had!