Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock Bottom

I’m not sure I could feel worse if I tried.

Last night Russ and I made a very hard decision. we rescinded our offer on the condo we were going to close on, on Friday. About 5 hours later we both realized it was a bad decision, but there was nothing we could do. I spent most of the night crying.

On top of that for the past 3 days I have had this sharp pain in my stomach, it comes and goes like cramps, and nothing makes it go away. I got no sleep last night between my pain and the crying.

I tried to make a Dr’s Appointment for this morning but they did not have one until 11. That would have put me at work way too late. So I have an appointment at 4pm. But I’m dying at work. I’m not quite sure I can even drive to the doctors, but I will try.

I found a new realtor which is going to take Russ and I around to see places on Friday, but nothing I am finding is as good a deal in as good as a location. I feel like we lost our chance.

The stress of all of this I think might have something to do with me being sick. I know this is TMI but me period lasted 9 days instead of the usual 4-5 and then right as it was ending I lost my appetite and my stomach started hurting. I have hardly eaten anything in 4 days.

All I want to do is curl up in bed and cry, but I’m at working trying to do work that I can’t concentrate on. All I can say is thank God that my boss did not come to work today I probably would have yelled at her and been fired. So thats a plus I guess. So far today, I have not been fired, but there are still several hours left in the day, so who knows.


Little Sarita said...

*hug* It's okay, hon. Don't worry... It'll all work out. It sounds like the stomach pain is just stress, but it's best to go and make sure you haven't given yourself an ulcer. You'll find a fantastic place, Kathy, just remember to breathe. We're all here for you...

Veritablerika said...

(HUG) much love Cortes. Your dream home is out there waiting for you.