Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well my day just took a weird turn.

My boss came into my cube and told me that my presence was requested in the front office.

“Do I need a pen and paper?”

“Nope, just yourself”

I get to the office; there are 6 of us, our VP, two ladies from the front office, my boss, our director, and myself. Then they close the door to the front office and the VP pulls out a bottle of champagne and pours it out into flutes and hands it to each of us.

We are drinking champagne at 11:00am at the office?

I quickly realize that the champagne is in the running to be served to our attendees at one of our receptions and that not only did we want to taste test it but we wanted to see how many glasses we could fill.

So now my entire dept has a slight buzz from some very potent champagne.

Sometimes I love my job!
UPDATE: at 4pm we got into bottles number 2 and 3. so now i am definately buzzed!!
UPDATE #2: on Friday at 4pm we drank bottle number 4! bottles #1 and #4 were the best!

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