Friday, September 26, 2008

latest Pandora find

"Not Your Girl" Bree Sharp

I stutter like a broken clutch
When you touch me too much
My tounge gets twisted in your twirl
You say I'm not your kind of girl
A spider underneath my skin
I want you out, I want you in
The venom and the vaccine swirl
You say I'm not your kind of girl
What kind of girl should I be
The kind of girl who doesn't see
That you're looking at me like you wanna be seeing someone else
Somebody else
You rip the sureness from my stare
And throw the pieces in the air
Your fingers string me like a pearl
You say I'm not your kind of girl
Its not a secret anymore
What you keep me around for
As my excuses all unfurl
I'm not that kind of kind of girl
See somebody else
See somebody else
See somebody else
(I want you to)
See somebody else
(See somebody)
See somebody else
(I want you to)
See somebody else
(See somebody)
I want you to see somebody else

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Hour

3195 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22201
703.465.9360 phone
703.465.9363 fax

Last night we went out for happy hour at the Liberty Tavern in Clarendon.

Everyone had beer except for me. I decided to have the Altos Las Hormigas Malbec. Malbec is a red wine from Argentina that I really love. This particular bottle was $34 a bottle at Liberty Tavern. I found it on-line for $10.99.

During my second glass of Malbec I ordered the cheese platter. I asked for 3 cheeses, my only requirement was that one was a blue. The other two were surprises. Unfortunately I have no idea what they were. I asked but it was too loud to understand. All the cheeses were good. The blue one was fantastic in that it tasted like a mix between a smoked Gouda and a blue. YUM!

A tale of BFF’s

I find myself very fortunate to have not one, but several BFF’s. so often during conversations with acquaintances I just use the term “best friend” as in “my best friend and I went to Starbucks” I rarely use names, so I can only imagine that most people think that I have one best friend that I always talk about, when in fact it’s really three people.

Veritablerika and I grew up on the same street. She and I became friend when I was still in catholic school. To the best of my knowledge we were around 7. We used to always watch Disney musicals and sing together. Later we ended up singing in choir together through high school.

The Pink Pen and I grew up in the same neighborhood and met one fateful day at the neighborhood pool. I think we were about 9. We used to play with her American girl dolls and make up stories about ghost in the basement.

The three of us have been very close for a very long time and I count them as family. Veritablerika now lives about 4 hours away give or take depending on traffic, and The Pink Pen has recently moved to NYC. I miss them both but we still talk, IM, and e-mail.

And then there was Shroomy. Shroomy and I met on the last day of the seventh grade and were inseparable until she moved an hour away after the 8th grade. She and I have continued to remain close and still finish our sentences when together. I will be standing up next to her at her wedding next month as her MOH.

I also have some “best” guy friends and a few other girls, but when I talk about these people I use their names “my best friend (insert name here)”

The best part is that almost all of my friends get along and for the most part our significant others have been welcomed into the group with open arms. I feel blessed to have such great friends!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What we ended up doing Saturday night…

We did indeed end up going to the Melting pot. There were 7 girls in all. We decided to get cheese, salad, and chocolate only because one of the girls was a vegetarian and could not stand to cook her vegetables in the same pot as the meats and because it would be easier on the wallet. Dinner was nice. The waiter gave Shroomy a copy of the new Melting Pot cook book and gave me a brand new shaker of garlic and wine seasoning.

After dinner most of the girls bailed and Shroomy, Crystal (Shroomy’s cousin) and I went to the American Tap Room. We had a great time. We took a ton of pictures of Shroomy with a bunch of random guys. And some creepy guy bought us drinks. I had two shots of Tequila and a beer and then I was done because I had to drive the girls back to my house. We were the last ones out of the bar at 2am when it closed.

Because of a mix up about who was driving who home, Pete, the groom to be, had to drive to my house at 2am from Winchester to pick up Shroomy and Crystal, so they finally left at 3ish and I went to bed.

The whole night Shroomy wore a veil (no it did not have penises on it!), a garter on top of her jeans on each leg, and a flashing sash that read Miss Outta Control Bachlorette. Hopefully she will give me some of the pictures so I can post them here.

I Hate Your Wedding!

I admit that I stalk wedding blogs constantly. My one problem with many of the wedding blogs is that they are written by the brides themselves or the planners who are so full of pride of what they have accomplished from DIY invites and flowers, to couture dresses, to the wedding cake design. often they inspire me and I tuck the ideas away in a little corner of my brain, BUT sometimes I HATE their weddings and I want to comment and tell them so and I can’t, because I don’t want to hurt there feelings.

Some times it’s just a little detail that I don’t like and sometimes it’s the entire thing. One blog in particular is about this huge glamorous extravaganza and every single post about this wedding is boring and cliché. The bride is SO freaking happy about how here wedding went and all I can think is BORING!

Don’t be that bride. Don’t go overboard and end up boring!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bachlorette Woes

so tonight is supposed to be Shroomy's bachlorette party. i have a cold, and my grandfather's brother died this morning.

the plan was to drive to Hanover and go to Medieval Times, Dave and Busters, and spend the night in a hotel. but it's been so hard trying to get the girls organized that now it looks like it just might be 3 of us. Melting pot has an opening at 9:30 just in case we decided to do something a bit more local.

i kinda hope we decide to go to the Melting Pot. the Hanover trip will be a lot more expensive, and I'm not feeling so hot.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

HAHA! (sorry about the quality)

My cell phone camera has been a god send. I don’t use it often but every once in awhile it comes in handy.

The following pictures are of something that occurred this morning. As the busses were preparing to pull out of the parking lot carrying everyone to the Air Force Memorial for the wreath laying ceremony, the Air Force bus carrying the Outstanding Airmen of the Year and some of our Board members (including the chairman) tried to go up the loading dock ramp to be first in line to leave and ended up bottoming out. When I left an hour ago it was still stuck. We ended up having to move everyone off that bus and on to another. And just to top everything off, the usual rout to the Memorial was blocked because of a triathlon.

All that and it’s only 8:40 am, I wonder what other emergencies may pop up today?

In other news Russ got to the hotel around 1am so I am a little tired because I could not fall asleep once I had woken up to let him in, and then I had to be up and ready to go load busses by 6:30am. I am stuck in the ops office until 1pm today, sad.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

the calm before the storm...

i moved into the Marriott Wardman Park on thursday for our annual conference.

the hotel was very nice and took us all out for dinner and drinks. most of us were slightly hung over yesterday, but now we are fine.

today mostly consists of sitting around and waiting.

The shit does not really hit the fan until Monday so I find myself manning the operations office with relatively little to do. We have put out some small fires but that’s it for now.

I’ll pretty much be MIA till Thursday night but if I keep working stints in the office you may hear from me.

after having my feet hurt like hell at our Orlando conference in Feb, this time i came prepared! i brought 7 pairs of black shoes and two pairs of brown. i almost never over pack, but this time i decided it was ok because i did not have to fly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

dresses for women with large chests!

I was reading one of my many wedding blogs today and one of the brides gave a few dress options for her bridesmaids. Let me tell you girls, if you are getting married and are picking a dress for your bridesmaids here are a few rules you can follow if you have girls in your wedding party with large breasts.

1. An empire waist is ALMOST always flattering; just make sure that there is enough fabric between the neckline and the waistline. Having the empire waist hit you in the middle of the boob is NEVER flattering.

2. Spaghetti straps make wearing a bra with straps impossible and many dresses with spaghetti straps do not conceal a strapless bra very well, especially one in a size that would accommodate a larger chest.

3. Strapless is fine, as long as the front of the dress comes up high enough to cover a very good strapless bra (these bras often have large cups that come up pretty high in the chest).

4. Just because the dress has a high neckline and straps that are wide enough to cover bra straps, does not mean that the dress is perfect, a high neckline can often mean a low cut back. Low cut backs and bras do not work together!

5. Last, but not least, forget a plunge neckline! Plunge bras do not exist for large breasted women. Any bigger than a DD and your pretty much out of luck, I should know I'm a G = DDDD!

Monday, September 8, 2008

True Bood

For all of you who watched True Blood last night I know there have been mixed reviews and this is just my humble opinion.

For the most part I liked the show. I think that as the first few episodes go by that it will get better. I’m pretty happy with the casting for the most part.

I, like everyone else, had a bit of a problem with the fangs. If you watch carefully during the scene where Bill is chained up, when they “retract” they actually fold back against the roof of his mouth like a snakes teeth might, they are also way too close together.

It also bothered me that in the first scene in the convenient store the customers mention Hurricane Katrina, well if you have read the books you know that Katrina does not hit until a few books into the series. This bothered me because in the books the hurricane plays a large roll.

BTW Did you notice that when Sookie goes home and is talking to her grandmother that the grandmother is reading a Charlaine Harris book? Just thought I would point that out.

Lets talk about sex…

I think the sex was a bit much. I love a good sex scene but sometimes I feel like HBO likes to add a sex scene just because they can. The vampire sex video scene with Maudete was way over the top and unnecessary. They could have shown a glimpse of it and it would have made the same point without being almost offensive.

True Blood V.S. Twilight

Before anyone gets their panties in a knot let me tell you that I have read all the twilight books as well as all of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (SSN’s) to date. And I loved both!

That said there has been a lot of talk about weather the two series are similar or not. From what I have seen most people say not, and I agree there are many differences, and yes I realize that the Sookie Stackhouse novels we begun before twilight ones, but I think there are many similarities and here is why…

Both series have someone who can read minds, and both have someone whose mind cannot be read.

Both have vampire/human romantic relationships

Both delve into the world of supernatural beings besides that of vampires, although the SSN’s go into much more detail

Both contain love interests between humans/ non-vampire supernatural’s

Both are set in small towns

I have more similarities but many of them would spoil a lot of the story so I’m not going to get into it.

That said I really wish that people would get of their “my series of books is better than yours” trip. Don’t even get me started on all the Harry Potter vampire series haters! I love the Harry Potter series as well but the high and mighty crap has got to stop

(Do not continue to read if you do not want the story spoiled for you)

Did anyone else notice that Jason was wearing a baseball hat in the road crew scene and it had a Panther on it?????

Also I think it was a little early to introduce “the dog” any one else agree?