Monday, September 22, 2008

I Hate Your Wedding!

I admit that I stalk wedding blogs constantly. My one problem with many of the wedding blogs is that they are written by the brides themselves or the planners who are so full of pride of what they have accomplished from DIY invites and flowers, to couture dresses, to the wedding cake design. often they inspire me and I tuck the ideas away in a little corner of my brain, BUT sometimes I HATE their weddings and I want to comment and tell them so and I can’t, because I don’t want to hurt there feelings.

Some times it’s just a little detail that I don’t like and sometimes it’s the entire thing. One blog in particular is about this huge glamorous extravaganza and every single post about this wedding is boring and cliché. The bride is SO freaking happy about how here wedding went and all I can think is BORING!

Don’t be that bride. Don’t go overboard and end up boring!


Kate said...

That's by far the hardest part of reading so many wedding blogs. They get boring. And people make bad choices. And you want to be like, what were you thinking??

I haven't ever seen so many DIY projects before in my life. I am so not about that. Why torture everyone in your wedding party with inane projects? I understand that there is money to be saved, and that's fine. But I feel like there are other ways to do it. Yeesh!

The Knot magazine has an article about DIY in it this month. I definitely will be reading that on my way home tonight.

Jenna said...

I get really tired of having to be so positive about everything all the time. Sometimes people post really hideous stuff that I hate (heck, I am sure I post stuff that people hate), but we are all trying to play nice and not hurt each others feelings. Good job holding your tongue. I will try to keep holding mine. P.S. I hope I am not the bride you are talking about :) That would be embarassing.....

Queen Rogue said...

your definately not who i was talking about. in fact i was just telling a friend who is new to weddingbee that you were one of my favorites! i loved loved loved the photo shoot in Rome!