Friday, September 26, 2008

latest Pandora find

"Not Your Girl" Bree Sharp

I stutter like a broken clutch
When you touch me too much
My tounge gets twisted in your twirl
You say I'm not your kind of girl
A spider underneath my skin
I want you out, I want you in
The venom and the vaccine swirl
You say I'm not your kind of girl
What kind of girl should I be
The kind of girl who doesn't see
That you're looking at me like you wanna be seeing someone else
Somebody else
You rip the sureness from my stare
And throw the pieces in the air
Your fingers string me like a pearl
You say I'm not your kind of girl
Its not a secret anymore
What you keep me around for
As my excuses all unfurl
I'm not that kind of kind of girl
See somebody else
See somebody else
See somebody else
(I want you to)
See somebody else
(See somebody)
See somebody else
(I want you to)
See somebody else
(See somebody)
I want you to see somebody else


Kate said...

I have to comment because I'm still on my commenting streak, but I really have nothing to say to song lyrics.

This has nothing to do with me liking the lyrics or not, it's just that I have literally no idea why you were drawn to the lyrics so I can't really respond in any way that is constructive. I will say this seems like a sad/hurt/angry song and I hope you're not feeling any of those things.

Erika said...

If I post lyrics these days I always try to post something that people can hear as well. In Kathy's defense, this song is VERY hard to find. I looked on Bree's site,, And I googled that shit. Finally I heard a clip on the iTunes store and realized I already knew it from MY pandora list. haha.
I think this song is less about the lyrics and more about the catchy tune. Her more famous song is David Duchovny and it's pretty popular and completely goofy.

Queen Rogue said...

i'm not huge on posting song lyrics either, but i like sharing new music. so every once in a while i will post them. i hate songs that are posted from youtube, i don't think music should be watched.

please note: i was not in a sad/hurt/angry mood, i just like the song ;)