Saturday, September 13, 2008

the calm before the storm...

i moved into the Marriott Wardman Park on thursday for our annual conference.

the hotel was very nice and took us all out for dinner and drinks. most of us were slightly hung over yesterday, but now we are fine.

today mostly consists of sitting around and waiting.

The shit does not really hit the fan until Monday so I find myself manning the operations office with relatively little to do. We have put out some small fires but that’s it for now.

I’ll pretty much be MIA till Thursday night but if I keep working stints in the office you may hear from me.

after having my feet hurt like hell at our Orlando conference in Feb, this time i came prepared! i brought 7 pairs of black shoes and two pairs of brown. i almost never over pack, but this time i decided it was ok because i did not have to fly.


Veritablerika said...

dude, I don't even have that many pairs of black shoes. rock on. Hope your feet benefit. :)

Kate said...

Oh, I have that many pairs of black shoes, but none of them appropriate for what you're doing!

I don't think it can really be considered overpacking unless you bring things you don't need. Since you're going to wear all of those shoes they're kind of a necessity. That's just what I think.