Sunday, September 14, 2008

HAHA! (sorry about the quality)

My cell phone camera has been a god send. I don’t use it often but every once in awhile it comes in handy.

The following pictures are of something that occurred this morning. As the busses were preparing to pull out of the parking lot carrying everyone to the Air Force Memorial for the wreath laying ceremony, the Air Force bus carrying the Outstanding Airmen of the Year and some of our Board members (including the chairman) tried to go up the loading dock ramp to be first in line to leave and ended up bottoming out. When I left an hour ago it was still stuck. We ended up having to move everyone off that bus and on to another. And just to top everything off, the usual rout to the Memorial was blocked because of a triathlon.

All that and it’s only 8:40 am, I wonder what other emergencies may pop up today?

In other news Russ got to the hotel around 1am so I am a little tired because I could not fall asleep once I had woken up to let him in, and then I had to be up and ready to go load busses by 6:30am. I am stuck in the ops office until 1pm today, sad.


Kate said...

Is that little lift thing picking up the bus? That's phenomenal.

Queen Rogue said...

it tried. the guy got the fork under the bus and when he tried to lift the tire the whole back end of the fork lift came off the ground. what a mess!