Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bachlorette Woes

so tonight is supposed to be Shroomy's bachlorette party. i have a cold, and my grandfather's brother died this morning.

the plan was to drive to Hanover and go to Medieval Times, Dave and Busters, and spend the night in a hotel. but it's been so hard trying to get the girls organized that now it looks like it just might be 3 of us. Melting pot has an opening at 9:30 just in case we decided to do something a bit more local.

i kinda hope we decide to go to the Melting Pot. the Hanover trip will be a lot more expensive, and I'm not feeling so hot.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens.

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Kate said...

The Melting Pot will be really great. I think we go there so much we forget what a nice experience it is. There's time to talk, to relax, and to enjoy each other's company. It's great no matter how many people you have. The setting is intimate, conversation flows (as do all the drinks), and usually the wait staff are fun (and occasionally frisky). It's comfortable, you can eat as much as you like, and all of the food is stellar.

When Lauren looks back on this night, I think she'll enjoy that she got to spend such a special evening in such a close setting - with her best friend, no less. While it's not the same as Dave and Busters, it's still fun. And since you two don't get to see each other as often as you like, it will be great to still have more time to spend together regardless of how you spend it. That's the important part.

Besides, there are other bars near the restaurant that you can crash if Lauren still wants to go out after dinner. You'll get a nice evening and then get to do the crazy bar romp for free shots for the future Mrs!

Sounds heavenly to me.