Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Late Again

So Monday was Russ’s first day at the new job. And he was late. It’s not his fault. We left with plenty of time but the traffic was awful!

So yesterday I was determined to get him to work on time. And I did. I was in my cube by 8am.

But today, today as I waited at the light to make a right hand turn I contemplated where on earth I was going to go because in the lane where I wanted to be there was a blue PT cruiser facing the opposite direction. The poor woman had been in an accident and was waiting for an ambulance to come extract her from the car. I ended up having to make a left hand turn from the right hand lane. I could not blame me for make a mess out of my morning, she was most definitely having a worse day.

I dropped Russ off at the nearest metro station and continued on to work, but since I had to take the scenic route I was a bit later than I had hoped. I’m glad my job is flexible about hours.

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Erika said...

oh geez. Traffic is definitely one of the things I DO NOT miss about NOVA.