Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christmas Dinner

Six years ago my friends and I began a wonderful tradition. Every year at Christmas we have our own Christmas Dinner. This usually takes place about five days before Christmas. It’s always the same dozen people every year, with one or two exceptions. Everyone brings a side dish, one of the guys comes early to make the turkey, we all dress up, I set the table, we do a Secret Santa, and there is usually plenty to drink.

Now normally I don’t send out the invitations until sometime in November but yesterday two different people asked about Christmas Dinner. So this morning I sent out the invitation and so far I have 4 rsvp’s including myself. I’m not sure what it is but everyone is excited for Christmas and it’s not even Halloween yet. What gives?


Erika said...

Christmas is a time to get together with people you care about, as the people we care about get harder and harder to get together; Christmas dinner seems more and more important

Miss Malbec said...

well i'm glad everyone is so excited. i love it too!