Friday, October 17, 2008

and i'm off!

in just about an hour i will get in my car and take the beautiful drive to Winchester. the leaves are turning and by tomorrow should be spectacular!

tonight is Shroomy's rehearsal dinner and tomorrow at five she gets married. OMG!

wish me luck with my maid of honor speech and lets hope all goes according to plan. apparently no one told mother nature to wait until after the wedding to bring in the cold front, so tomorrow it's supposed to go down to 37 degrees or so. COLD! all us bridesmaids are in short dresses and i had planned to spend at least part of my night out on the veranda of the reception hall with my glass of wine, contemplating life.

i can't wait to see my new lesbian friends again as well as Aunt L's new baby!

i hope to have a recap on monday and post pictures ASAP!

TTFN-tata for now!

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