Monday, October 13, 2008


So a few years ago I got a lap top for school, that way I could use my PC at home and take all my notes right on my laptop at school. I became reliant on the laptop for everything and my brother had been asking for a PC so I told him that he could use my PC. He begged me to let him wipe the entire memory and start fresh and I said fine as long as he moved all my files to his external hard drive and guaranteed he would transfer everything over to my lap top when he had time.

Years went buy and periodically I would ask him for my files. After awhile he started telling me that the hard drive did not work. So I gave the hard drive to my dad to look at.
This morning he tells me it’s dead. He thinks he knows a company that may be able to restore it but he says it may cost thousands. What do I do? I feel like my house burnt down and I lost all my pictures, music, and papers. I am so angry with my brother and angrier at my father for saying nothing can be done. I understand my brother is only 17 years old but I feel like this is a huge violation of my trust and that he needs to fix it. Am I being unreasonable?


The Empress said...

Speaking as someone who lost her own hard drive recently, I completely understand your frustration. I did basically the exact same thing when I got my new laptop and never got around to putting it all on the new laptop. So now I have some songs on my new laptop, some only on my ipod, and absolutely none of my pictures.

Sadly, the only person I have to blame is myself for not making the transfer immediately. At this point, all I can do is learn from my mistake and realize those things are not and will never be infallible. From now on I will back up everything in as many places as I can - paranoia be damned, at least I'll have my stuff.

Sara said...

Honestly, I'd be upset too under the circumstances.