Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

So last night I spent another 4 hours or so shopping for a dress for the wedding. And I found something! It’s not great but it the same basic shape as the original dress.

The picture below was take using my cell phone, so please excuse the quality. The blue dress is the dress all the other girls are wearing and the green dress is the dress I decided on. There were other dresses I liked better but they did not match the theme of the wedding.

I was thinking about finding a clutch for Lauren and I on Etsy and I found the PERFECT ones! They are on order from the UK and I’m so excited to get them!!!!! I just don’t know which one I should give Lauren and which one I should keep for myself. What do you think? (please remember it’s a peacock inspired wedding)

thank you to Rowena of RedRubyRose for making these!


Veritablerika said...

I love love LOVE the first one, but the second one is more Kathy I think. :)

Queen Rogue said...

i think the first one is my favorite too. we will see once they get here.

the thing i like about the other one is that even after the wedding lauren can use the change purse all the time.