Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Halloween for me.

Have you ever been really sad about something that everyone else says is no big deal?

My favorite holiday of all time is Halloween. I love the parties, the dressing up, the decorations, and best of all time with friends.

October 31st also happens to be Samhain, the pagan new year, the most important holiday on my religious calendar.

Well this year I will have to spend it alone in a hotel in Chicago, a city where I know no one.

This has had me upset ever since I was told that I might have to help out with this conference and now that it has been confirmed I get teary eyed almost once a day. The worst part is that this conference is at the same time every year and as the most junior member of my department I am the most likely person to send, every year.

Last year I spent Halloween with Russ sitting in our empty new house that we had purchased only a few hours before, we only got a hand full of trick-or-treaters and I only put on my pirate coat. Had I known that that might have been my last Halloween at home for quite some time I would have done something more extravagant. Now everywhere I go I see Halloween decorations and think what’s the point of purchasing decorations if I won’t be home to enjoy them?

My friends and mother keep telling me that it’s no big deal. That maybe next year they will send someone else. But to me it’s a very big deal.

Oh Halloween, how I will miss you already.


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Kate said...


Who says Halloween is just one day? And how do we even know the 31st is the right day? Why can't we celebrate before you leave?

I love the fall. Don't let stupid work ruin this for you.

And I don't remember telling you it was "no big deal" but I do remember saying it would be okay and you would figure it out - which maybe you interpreted as me saying it was no big deal but that was never what I meant. Obviously it's a huge deal to you and I would never demean your feelings. And since it's SO important I think you should celebrate anyway. Pick a day, throw a party, and we'll all come over in costumes and make mischief.