Monday, October 26, 2009

In over my head

OMG i have so much work that i'm having to delegate it to my boss and co-workers. on Thursday i am leaving for Chicago on a business trip and need to have everything done for two simultaneous conferences both in Chicago, and i am the lead planner for both meetings.

At least by Sunday night two of my meetings will be over and i can focus on my huge conference when i get back. The Saturday after thanksgiving i will be going back to Chicago to run 40+ meetings over the course of six days.

i know i have been remiss in my posting. to tell the truth i have written several posts and deleted all of them. i have a lot to say, some of which is not mine to tell and the rest of which i don't think is interesting enough for anyone to care.

Ok i worked a 10 hour day and need to go to bed and do it all again in the morning. wish me luck this week. i'm going to need it.

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