Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's that time of year again?

The last two years in a row I have had terrible birthdays. I spent my 2008 birthday crying and yelling at my dad and my 2009 birthday I was so stressed out by my terrible job that I was depressed and angry that entire week.

So this year I am turning the big 25 and i am not freaking out about work (because I love my job) and I have dinner reservations at Acadiana for the day after my birthday with my family and Russ. I have been wanting to go to Acadiana since 2008 so I’m excited to finally go.

So far 3 of my close girl friends have asked me what I am doing for my birthday. And other than going to dinner with the fam I seriously have no plans. One suggested we have a party, but it was more like “why don’t you throw a party?” if someone wants to throw me a party that is cool, but I am not going to spend my week stressing out about the house being clean and stocking up on party decorations and food and drinks. It’s my birthday and forgive me but I don’t want to clean house. So I’m not exactly sure what to tell people when they ask what my plans are. As of right now I’m going to work all day, go home, and chill. But that could change I guess.

I wonder what Feb 5th will bring this year?


Kate said...

I asked what you would LIKE to do because I know you don't like surprises and I didn't want to plan anything and upset you by surprising you because it would suck to ruin your birthday doing by something I know you don't like. I was looking forward to getting to be the one to make the plans for a change.

It sounds like from this what you would like the most is a relaxing evening at home. I hope you enjoy it!

Little Sarita said...

It's your birthday, baby. Do whatever makes you happy. You know that your friends love you and, if you should ask, will happily throw a shindig - maybe even one outside anyone's home so NO one has to clean. :) Just sayin'....