Friday, April 2, 2010

Hallmark moment

Yesterday i went to Hallmark to get a card for my grandfather who was turning 77. my grandfather speaks broken English so i though maybe a birthday card in Spanish would be nice.

I asked the lady if she had any birthday cards in Spanish and she looked at me like i had 3 eyes and said that she might have one. I never told her exactly who the card was for.

We found the card but unfortunately it's the same card i gave him last year so i told her thank you and that i would just have to choose a card in English. she asked me if he was a citizen, and he is, so she said it was fine (weird, but whatever). So i picked a card about fine wine and having a fine birthday. I went back to the same lady to pay. she asked if i had a hallmark card and i said yes. I pulled it out and she scanned it. she looked at my last name and said "oh now i get it, your Spanish!" no shit sherlock! i told her that actually i was Cuban on both sides and left.

did she think i was buying a birthday card for my Latin lover? does this kind of crap happen to anyone else?

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