Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are you serious????

If you have purchased a home in the last year or so you are aware of the $7500 first time

 home buyer tax credit. This tax credit had to be paid back in 15 years.

What you may not know is that now they have raised it to $8,000 and it does not have be paid back!!!!



 It only applies to people who purchased their home in 2009. so I missed out on $8,000 by 2 months!

 Check out the excerpt I got from SunTrust especially the section in the red box.



The Empress said...

Yeah. I never got any money from that stimulus thing that happened last year or the year before, and that sucked too. It's like they purposely figure out ways to make sure no one actually benefits from these kinds of things.

But at least you'll get any tax credit, right? Even if it does have to be paid back...

Miss Malbec said...

if i have to pay it back i rather not opt for it. i hate being indebted to people or the gov't for that matter.

Lauren said...

That is the BIGGEST load of crap. Why do we still have to pay it back?

Also, we found out why our tax return is so low... when Pete worked in Chantilly, they messed up his taxes reaaallly bad.

Man.. those assholes.

Miss Malbec said...

dude that sucks!!!! i'm dreading getting mine done.