Thursday, February 12, 2009

life update

Well the Universe is ignoring me so I did not get a job for my birthday; in fact I had a really crappy week.

But that is in the past and the weekend was very good considering that I FINALLY got my buffet, so I got all my china off my floor and the wine glasses off my counter. Then I got a visit for Shroomy and her hubs which was so nice, and finally on Sunday I spend 6 hours with my Mom and her long lost best friend and her daughter.

I am so happy for my Mom. She and I are very close but I knew she was sad that she did not have a friend her own age to talk to. About 5 years ago she had a good friend whose husband was friends with my dad. But when the men had a falling out the women just stopped talking, and I know that really hurt her. Last week she re-connected with her high school best friend who was also her maid of honor at her wedding. Kids and jobs got in the way and they had lost touch. Well now over 20 years later we found out that her friend had been living in the same town as us for years!

Last week they went to dinner and then on Sunday we had our girls day out which began with a trip to the movies to se New in Town, followed by hot chocolate and appetizers at California Pizza Kitchen. We had a really nice time and best of all, my Mom has her friend back.

For Valentines Russ and I are going to see Avenue Q. we are very excited. Our plan is to come home after the show and order Chinese for dinner. We never go out for Valentines, the service is crap.

Monday is a holiday for me so that means no work! Hell Freaking Yeah!

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Lauren said...

I had so much fun last weekend too... but sorry your birthday week was crappy =(

I love you!