Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Waxing disaster

So I did something yesterday that has me a bit upset now.

I waxed my brother’s chest and stomach. He asked me to after he tried to do it to himself, his test patch was really red and scabby.

I had him buy bikini zone to help with the bumping and redness. It was really bumpy when we did it, his skin is soooo sensitive. But I figured the bikini zone would help. Not so much.

He texted me a few minutes ago and said that it looks really red and like the face of a prepubescent boy.

The men in my family have an insane amount of chest and back hair (my mom has already promised my brothers that she would let them get laser hair removal at 18) was it wrong of me to do it? It seemed fine at the time. But now I feel bad that he’s all red and bumpy. I did not even get to finish the top because the kit he got did not have enough strips. He said he’s going to shave the rest. Sad.


Kate said...

You live and you learn. You were just being a good sister. I'm certain he doesn't hold it against you, you were only doing what he asked. You did everything you knew to do to make sure it would come out right. How could you have known? I blame the bikini zone.

Miss Malbec said...

he does not hold it against me which is good. i ran into him at the gym last night and he showed it to me. it's not nearly as bad as his test patch and i think the red will go away soon. i think the Bikini zone helped. i love that stuff it always works for me.

Little Sarita said...

Why would it be wrong of you to help your brother? :)


Miss Malbec said...

i felt bad because his skin was sooo sensitive and it hurt him. i have a big soft spot when it comes to my brothers.

Little Sarita said...

It would be different if you talked him into it, love. But he asked you for help - you saw a problem and tried to correct it - and it still didn't quite work out.

Just think how it might've turned out if you hadn't suggested the alternate product...

You did good, honey. *hug*