Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going to the Cabin

It’s only Thursday and I have worked late 2 days this week, cried, had a fight, been confrontational at work, and tossed and turned for hours in bed.

I also have not had time all week to watch my usual shows and I am very backed up coming into the biggest TV watching night of the week.

So last night I did what I do best, I went home and ate cheese, tonight I will do the same and there will be wine involved. It’s amazing how the smallest things make such a big difference.

I have been gearing up all week so that I could take Friday off. I will spend all day tomorrow packing and shopping for a camping trip with some of the people I love best in this world. It should be fun, although most likely wet and I can guarantee you there will be brie and fig preserve involved. There will also be alcohol of all kinds and for better or worse probably guns, arrows, ATV’s, and a canoe. This could be bad, but I’m stoked, and so is the rest of the group.

Please keep your fingers crossed for a dry weekend.

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