Sunday, November 29, 2009


Last night I hopped on a city bus and went downtown to shop on Michigan Ave.

I bought some cute socks at Gap and went to Nordstrom’s. They did not have the shoes I liked in my size and I needed to eat because all the meds for my hand were making my stomach hurt. So I figured pasta was a good choice.

Two people suggested Buca Di Beppo, a family style restaurant. The place was packed but they found me a table. The portions are huge and being only one person they allowed me to order off the lunch menu. I had the Linguini Frutti Di Mare. It was divine. Mussels, squid, and shrimp in a spicy red clam sauce, I even polished off an entire thing of bread on my own. The service was really good and the place a little tacky but lively.

Tonight it’s Italian again. I’m going to The Italian Village with co-workers. Hopefully it will be just as good. For now though I could really use coffee and a bagel.


Kate said...

You forgot to mention you would be blogging from Chicago! Yay!

Miss Malbec said...

i found myself with extra time and internet. it was a nice surprise.

Mrs. Misadventure said...

ouch!! I too, got injured yesterday actually... I got punched in the nose by a drunk girl at a bar (not because she wanted to fight me, becuase she was drunk and tripped over herself) my already large nose is swollen haha.

thank you for my wonderful award :) ill be writing about it soon!!

i'll be wishing you a speedy recovery!

Miss Malbec said...

wow i'm sorry to hear that. i hope your not hurting too bad.