Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Birthday

At 11 am we were dismissed from work because the Snowpocalypse was on its way. I finally left at 11:30ish and went for sushi with some friends. I got a Vera Bradley bag that I wanted, an IOU for an apron that was in the mail, and Ann Rice’s The Sleeping Beauty Novels.

I love my new bag, the Apron came in the mail and I can’t wait to use it, and I am almost done with the first of the 3 novels.

Russ and I actually hunkered down at my parent’s house. We spent the night drinking and eating and playing dominoes (which when drinking heavily and played with Cubans is hilarious) at 11:30 I realized that our neighbor with MS was out with his snow blower working on my parents insanely long driveway.

We gave him some Cuban coffee to warm him up and we helped him shovel a bit. But he was out there till after 1am and the next morning it was as if he had done nothing and then he was out their again. So we all went out and shoveled. The boys got on the roof since the roof has very little pitch and we were scared of a roof collapse. With 32” of snow there was only so much the roof could handle. We spent the entire weekend their and finally went home on Monday when the roads were a bit passable with an SUV.

It is now Wednesday. We got another 9 inches of snow last night and the office is still closed tomorrow. I have been working from home. And watching TV and Reading, but now I’m getting some major cabin fever. Tomorrow I plan to clean house.

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