Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have a dress!

Yesterday, after trying on over 50 dresses in 3 different stores i bought my dress. Just in case Russ happens to read this i will not post pictures of THE dress but i will show you some that i liked.

The middle dress i loved! I tried it on at Leesburg Bridal and really loved it. The other two dresses i tried at David's Bridal, i really liked the dress on the right a lot but it had a bit too much bling for my taste. The dress i picked is very simple, comfortable, and has just a tiny bit of sparkle. I LOVE IT. I never wanted to take it off which is how i realized it was the one.

So now that i have that done i need to nail down the colors and bridesmaids dresses.

1 comment:

Sahar said...

Kathy you look Beautiful! (i mean i can't see your head but thats always pretty anyhow). i mean the dresses look beautiful on you. can't wait to see the actual dress!! xo