Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the party!

so my dad's company Christmas party was a blast, the band which consisted of my dad, brothers, and my boyfriend was fantastic! the guitar player above is my youngest brother.

on the far left you have my boyfriend Russ on guitar, next to him is my dad playing bass and behind the two of them is an old high school friend of my parents on percussion. in the middle are two singers, one of which works with my dad, behind them is my other brother on the drums but he is hidden.

the lady in green is my mom enjoying the party, the guy in grey is a close friend, he an i had way too much wine that night. the rest of the crowd are people from my dads office.

this is my other brother that was hidden behind the singers above. yes ladies he is available, but watch out he's only 17!
and here is Russ singing and playing the night away. hands off ladies he's mine!!!!

that is all for now!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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