Monday, January 26, 2009


I used to have hobbies, and now I have work.

I need some new hobbies because I feel kinda empty. I have tried several times to join a book club but it never works out. Beading is expensive, knitting is not really my thing (it takes me for freaking ever to finish anything), I’m usually too tired to read like I used to and cooking has become a chore. I almost signed up for an adult ballet class but chickened out at the last minute and I never go to the free yoga classes at my gym.

I need something to do. Someone suggested becoming a Girl Scout leader. But since I have no daughters of my own and I never made it past brownies this is probably not a good idea.

I got asked yesterday if I wanted to take on a part time job on the evenings and weekends. I can work from home, its more money, and it may turn into a full time position.

So that leaves me with…

  • Work
  • Work
  • Sleep

Still no hobbies. So tell me ladies, what should I try as a potential new hobby?



Erika said...

what about plants? maybe you could try doing a garden? I mean, spring isn't here or anything but its coming! And maybe you could do vegetables.

Inexpensive crafts are hard to come by... have you considered Cross stitch? or quilting? I suppose these wouldn't really be different from knitting in the getting projects done department

what about writing your own cook book?

Miss Malbec said...

plants are not good. i kill them and i have no yard to plant them in.

your right about cross stitch, i have cross stitch projects i started 8 years ago that i have not finished. and quiting scares me.

i have thought about the cook book idea before. maybe thats a good place to start.

The Empress said...

Well, maybe if I sent you pages to read you could edit them. That would be a good hobby, but that requires me to actually keep working. Oops.

What about doing some cool projects with your pictures? You did all that traveling, maybe you could come up with a nifty way to show off all your pictures from those trips?

I really like the idea of making your own cookbook. I want to do it too, and a while ago the girl from Two Chicks Nest (nadine, i think) posted the link for - so you could totally do it.

What about writing too? Along with the cookbook idea, remember our idea for the Drinking Games book?

My personal favorite thing to do is just work my way through a TV series. It's rather lazy of me, but I love it anyway.