Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the hunt continues!

I’m sorry about all the job posts but that’s really all I think about lately. Maybe I should start a new blog about job hunting.

So far I have received a call from a company who was going to pay me less than what I make now. I have also declined an offer due to crappy benefits. Since then all has been quiet. There is not much I have not applied for so…

I think I have to start looking outside the box.

Donate eggs? ($8,000 -$10,000)

Become a surrogate? ($20,000 - $30,000)

Sell my Virginity? Ok we all know I live in sin, so this one wont work but check out this girl. She has been offered over 3 million dollars, and now a tiger!

I have two chef friends that I have been talking to about starting a catering business.

In Virginia you cannot cater out of the same kitchen you cook family meal from. So the first part to tackle would be finding a kitchen, after that I would have to deal with caterers insurance and all forms of business licenses before the real work could begin. If I am the event planner / business manager I figure I would personally need to coordinate 1 wedding/event a month in order to pay my bills. Of corse the more events the better, just in case there is a month without any events. As much I want to do this there a few things hindering me.

The Economy – in these times how many events can I realistically book?

The Competition – there are so many other event planners/ wedding planners/ caterers in this area why would people want to come to me/us? I guess I would have to do the Marketing too, if nothing else I would wear a lot of hats.

My Boyfriend – is it realistic and/or feasible to expect my boyfriend to pay the mortgage and bills on months we are slow? Should I pull from my savings to pay bills when my income won’t? Do I take a part time job on top of all my other duties?????

The questions are many!

Any other job ideas anyone?

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The Empress said...

Have babies for yourself before you have them for someone else, please. I want to be an aunt!