Friday, January 2, 2009

what to do????

so as you know i have been looking for a new job.

last week i had an interview.

today i got offered the job.


there is a problem. the benefits are not as good as the ones i have now and i feel like if i take the job it will be a step backwards benefits wise.

the pro's of taking the new job:
  • shorter commute
  • a bit more money (but not much)
  • free breakfast and lunch
  • free parking
  • great networking
the con's of taking the new job:
  • benefits don't kick in for 6 months
  • i only get 1 week of vacation after 1 year (i have 2 weeks now)
  • the work space is very cramped
  • i have to buy more suits
what do you think i should do? i am so conflicted?

i want to go to work on Monday and hand in my resignation, and at the same time i want to wait to see if i can find something better.



Lauren said...

I know you're conflicted, but i would consider the possible networking opportunities. do you think they will benefit you when you decide to go into wedding planning? Also, even though the work space is cramped, is the job itself something you think you'd actually like doing?

The vacation is a big problem, though..

All in all, if it were me, I'd probably take it if i were as miserable as you seem to be at AFA. You never know when the networking opportunities may present themselves....

(sorry if this seems a tad all over the place... crazy day at work)


Little Sarita said...

I don't get set vacation... So I really don't know what it would be like not to get vacation. ^_^ But I do know that if you're not sure, that's a sign.

Think about something else for a couple of days - try NOT to think about 'Should I, shouldn't I?' and see what happens.

My father always says 'Sleep on it', and surprisingly it does help. Let your unconscious mull it over for a while. It sounds like, whatever you decide, you won't be bad off. So try not to agonize. You'll come to the right decision. Just give yourself time.

Tierney said...


I would go back to HR and re-negotiate. Just be honest with them. You have a job that provides better benefits and unless they match your current amount of vacation, you can't take it. It never hurts to ask. That is seriously one thing that women too often do - take the first offer. Men generally negotiate better. I’ve made that mistake before.

Just try talking to the new company’s HR first - you really have nothing to lose.


Miss Malbec said...

i tried to negotiate more vacation time, money to cover independent insurance for 6 months, more money and they said no to all of it. it really made me mad and i almost said no, but i realized it's a good opportunity and if ever i'm going to have crappy benefits this is the time to do it. i told them i would start on the 26th but i'm hoping i get another offer before then.