Monday, March 30, 2009

the week so far...

So far this week sucks and it’s only 9:10 in the morning.

Russ is out of town and because I have this really weird phobia of home invasion my parents asked me to sleep over at their house. I was really reluctant but I went home got my things and went back to my parents (the beauty of only living 1.3 miles from them) I helped my youngest brother finish a school project and then I went to sleep. or tried to.

The futon in the guestroom is so hard and uncomfortable that I could not sleep, not to mention it’s already hard for me to sleep without Russ being there. My bed time is usually 11pm and by 12:30 I was still awake and that is when I heard the yelling start. My mom has caught both of my brothers smoking in the back yard. Keep in mind one is 15 and the other is 17.

Well the yelling went on for quite a while. My parents took away my brothers car, both of there cell phones and has banned then from playing their instruments.

My parents finally went to bed and my brothers stayed up talking to each other, which I could hear so it kept me awake even more. Needless to say the whole night was a disaster. Because Russ is not in town I had to leave for work early because I could not take the HOV lane. When my alarm went of a 5:30 in the morning I was not happy at all.

But I showered, got dressed and went to work.

When I got to work and went to the kitchen to eat my morning waffles I discovered that my brand new box of waffles had been thrown away. So today I don’t get breakfast, and I’m out a week and a half worth of breakfasts which really sucks. I e-mailed HR about it because I was so mad. So that’s my week so far and it’s only Monday morning.


Mo said...

i'm sorry your day isn't going well. but i hope that it gets better. wish i were home. i would bring you something delicious to eat, or come take you out to lunch or something. miss you. MWAH

The Empress said...

Well, the upside is that things can only get better from here.

And go sleep in my bed at my parents house, eff that futon. You'd have your own bathroom and everything.

Miss Malbec said...

i would so go to your house if i thought Hammy could behave himself.

i think i will sleep in my own bed tonight. eff anyone who tries to break in.