Thursday, March 19, 2009

Which dress did he pick?

Well Ladies I find it very interesting that you all picked number 2, I like this dress a lot.

My favorite dress of all time is number 1, but as Russ said “I think your boobs would destroy that dress” and I think he’s right.

Like I said yesterday, these are my top 4, so I love them all, but Russ picked #4.

That’s right; out of these 4 dresses my boyfriend thinks I would look the best in a silver dress with black lace. I wonder what that says about me?


The Empress said...

Well, it just goes to show that it's a good thing I'm not dating him. I thought for sure he would go for the pure white dress since he wanted all the walls in the house to be white.

I think he probably picked this one because it's the sexiest. It also looks more like you than the pristine shades of white do - don't you already have a darker silver-ish dress with black details? I think this dress says he thinks of you as more colorful and fun, that you're not one who just wants to fit in.

Emmers said...

I agree. All beautiful choices so there can be no wrong dress :)

Miss Malbec said...

i definitely don't think it's a bad thing that he picked it. i love this dress! but it's definitely not your typical dress.

Lauren said...

I figured he would have picked number one, actually. All four are absolutely amazing though. =)