Thursday, May 14, 2009


I really need to carry my camera around with me to show you lots of fun stuff but I'm just not that kind of person. I'll work on it though I promise.

Things are a bit crazy on the home front. My grandmother is in hospice care, my grand father is recovering from a quadruple bypass, my mom went to Miami do be with my grandfather, and I am cooking dinner everyday for my dad and brothers. On top of that one of my tires is flat and needs to be replaced so I have been driving Russ's car.

Last night Russ's softball team was scheduled to play, like always they did not have enough girls and like always asked me to play. I usually say yes but last night I had plans and said no. they had to forfeit the game. It really makes me mad that I'm the one that always gets stuck in the middle. I did not volunteer to play, and I have expressed my dislike of softball several times. So why then do I feel bad saying no when it's not my fault that the girls on their team are always bailing?

Instead of going to watch the game like planned with the Empress, we decided to go for sushi buffet which was oh so good and then walked around the town center for a bit.

Tonight I am going to happy hour at the Melting Pot with the girls, then home for dinner with Russ and then to the Empress's house to watch the finally of Grey's Anatomy. Grab your tissue box your going to need it!

My dad has a one day business trip tomorrow and that means that Russ and I might stay at my parent's house tonight to make sure the boys get out of bed and make it to school on-time in the morning.

i have tommorrow off of work to hang out with the Empress and get some other stuff done. 

have a great weekend everyone!

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Kate said...

I already want to go back to the Melting Pot. Mmm.