Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have not been on a vacation in over two years and it’s starting to show.

My problem is I need to save up vacation time and money for a trip I am planning to New Zealand sometime next year.

So far my ideas are…

Ashville NC

Myrtle Beach SC

Salem MA

Austin TX

Seattle WA

New York NY

Las Vegas NV

I’ve been to Miami more times than I can count and I have no interest in Disney this time around.

So reader’s do you have any fabulous ideas of where I should go? Do you know someone with a vacation home/ timeshare for rent? Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.



Mary said...
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Awesomely Liz said...

Frankly, I've been to Myrtle- it sucks unless you want to revert to your fraternity boy roots (or pretend to since I don't think you have those) and drink Natty lite on the beach all day and go to Senor Frogs at night. It sounds like fun, but really, it's South Carolina's VA Beach. Avoid. I've heard Austin is a FUN FUN FUN FUN town, and Salem seems fascinating. Seattle has amazing food. I always say go where you have a place to crash OR pull an ultra cheap Staycation, which Nick and I did this weekend.

Emmers said...

I went to Salem when I was a little girl and it seemed extremely educational. But that could just be because I was like 6 and what else was there to do with me? I was a big fan of going to Provincetown, MA. We went off season so it wasn't very exciting but it was beautiful and relaxing.

Miss Malbec said...

i really like Myrtle as far as beaches north of Miami goes.

but i have never gone to senior frogs, thats not my thing. they have some really good sushi places and the Broadway at the beach area is kinda fun.