Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I know I promised I would post vacation pictures, and I will, but I have much bigger news...

I will be leaving my current position on July 23rd and will begin my new position as a Meeting Coordinator on July 27th!

This new job is very exciting for the following reasons…

1. It is only 5.8 miles from my house! I’m so excited about a 10 minute commute

2. I no longer have assistant in my job title.

3. The benefits are amazing, including 3 weeks vacation!

4. I get real casual Friday’s! I can’t wait to wear jeans to work!


Tierney said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you! Are you allowed to mention what company you'll be working for?

Little Sarita said...

That... is... fantastic!
Congratulations! ^_^

Pablo Lastorta said...

Congrats Miss Malbec! Now you should celebrate and seek out Naiara Malbec. It will blow your mind how good these wines are for their price. Rated by Parker & Wine & Spirits Mag as Argentina's Best Buy for Malbec.



Liz in DC said...
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Liz in DC said...

Congrats! I'm rather jealous... but super proud of you! Now maybe you can tell me how you did it!