Friday, July 31, 2009

Life Update

So Wednesday was just as awkward as I though it would be. We had a cake and gifts, and said our goodbyes. We were all crying. Juan Carlos was crying because of all the gifts, birthday cards, and well wishes and the rest of us were crying because we know we probably would not see him again. He mentioned to my brother that he will be back in two months, but that most likely will not be the case.

It seems my dad wrote a worried e-mail to Juan Carlos’s son. His son’s response was very reassuring. He told us that his wife already had a room prepared for him. That the whole family was waiting to welcome him and that Chile was a very nice country to live in, and that he would be loved and well taken care of.

It’s very hard to just hand over a fragile loved one to a stranger, albeit his own son, after 30+ years. My Mom tells me that my Dad is still taking it very hard. Saturday I expect will be the worst. My parents and my aunt and uncle are going to Niva and Juan Carlos’s apartment to clean it out. My mom told me that my dad has asked his sister for all the pictures and his mothers badge from her old job. It’s interesting to see who asks for what. When I was talking to my mom I asked if I could have a small piece of Niva’s jewelry, my mom said she would ask my aunt. I cried when I asked her.

I though I would handle this much better. And for the most part I am. But a few times I have broken down in tears, just to be fine a minute or two later.


On the job front I have made it through a whole week at my new job. The first few days my head was just spinning, but now I’m getting things a bit more under control. I’m hoping to be totally organized by sometime next week. The work keeps pouring in and I am still trying to figure out which event is which.

On Tuesday I went out to lunch with a group of ladies from my department and today I am going to lunch with my boss. I am still trying to place names to every face, there are a lot more employees at my new company than my old one, and after I year and a half I still did not know everyone at my old job. I wish I had a better memory and was better with names.


After 3 consultations and months of hating my basement, Russ and I have finally settled on a company and design for our built-it media center in the basement. I can’t wait till they install in on Aug 17th. I’m going to try and take before and after pictures so that I can show you all the mess that I have now, and hopefully the amazingness of my new built-in.


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