Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's talk TV and Movies

True Blood: I love you but your episodes are too short, and the plot needs to progress a bit faster.

Deadliest Catch: I was so excited that it was Tuesday yesterday and then realized that last week was the season finally. I miss you already.

Hell’s Kitchen: I am so tired of the predictability of this show; challenges always come down to the final two contestants because everyone else always seems to tie. And I am so tired of the timing of the commercial breaks. Enough is enough.

Shark Week: I have been a loyal fan since I was a kid. But now it seems like nothing but re-runs and I’m bored. Yes a Great White feeding frenzy on a whale carcass is cool, but you can only watch it so many times.

Merlin’s Apprentice: anyone remember the 1998 movie Merlin? I happen to own it. I just realized that there was a sequel. It was made in 2006 and is so far quite horrible. There is no continuity from one movie to the other and the acting and writing is god awful. Very disappointing.

Revolutionary Road: was very strange. Not my kind of movie, but interesting to watch.

The Ugly Truth: was crude and funny, but I really enjoyed it. Gerard Butler, nuff said.

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