Monday, August 10, 2009

Nothing like a Bar-B-Q in 98 degree heat

Russ plays softball with a lot of my friends and last night was the end of the season party.

We hosted it at my parents house and although it was insanely hot we had a great time, ate great good, played football, and got an impromptu concert from “the band” which is made up of Russ, my dad, my two brothers, and my dad’s High school friend.

So all in all the night was a hit. I made my famous prosciutto and asparagus; it’s the easiest thing ever. Just wrap the asparagus in prosciutto and put it on the grill till it gets crispy. Amazing! The team captain made beef and turkey burgers. We also had hot dogs, all kinds of chips and dips, salad, and desserts.

let's do that again!

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Erika said...

Makes me smile to see you blog about things that make you happy. :)