Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Pictures (because i promised)

forgive the order, this was actually taken on our last night in Florida. we were at my Grandparents house and i was so burnt i was wearing russ's shirt and no bra.

the what the inside of our room at the Merlin Guesthouse. the pool was right outside our door and it was not at all as loud as the reviews said it would be. the sitting area was nice for watching TV.

up a few stairs was our bed. it was very cozy, and to the right was our bathroom.

This was the view from the bed. it was rustic and tranquil.

OMG can you believe the water? this is what beach water should look like.

and this is a real beach. our boat is anchored at the end of the sand bar. we swam to shore but had to walk back because the tide went out. the keg was on the boat so all you had to do was swim up to it and pour yourself a drink.

more beach...

you see the girl in the water with the hat on? thats me getting a sunburn and loving every minute of it.

here is Russ, we just had a few drinks at Capt. Tony's which is where the original Sloppy joe's was. we drank at the very same bar at Earnest Hemmingway and then we went to Sloppy Joe's where i danced to "dancing with myself" all by my self in front of maybe 300 people. i had had ALOT of margaritas that night.

me, by the pier, at sunset.

some of the best sushi ever. A Key West roll and an Eel roll

some awesome smoking sashimi. yum!

and last but not least, us, 90 miles from Cuba.


Little Sarita said...

Awesome, awesome! ^_^ I'm totally jealous - and I live in FL! Tee hee!

Emmers said...

looks like you guys had a great time!! love the room!