Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So today began like most other days. i went to work, i had my daily 10:30 meeting, and then my boss and i had a 1pm lunch meeting. so when she got out of her 11:30 meeting we got in her car, drove to the town center, parked, and walked down the two flights of stairs in the parking garage and on the last step i sprained my ankle.

People i saw stars and thought i was going to pass out.

Thank god a security guard saw what happened and called for an ice pack and water. they took down my info, my boss told the person we were meeting that we would not make it and then she drove the car around to pick me up and take me to the hospital

This is what it looked like almost immediately...

so after 4.5 hours at the hospital (3 of which with my boss) i finally got an x-ray was told it was just sprained (which i knew) and was given a splint and crutches.

i have sprained this same ankle several times. i have very little strength in it and the Dr's keep telling me i just need to break it for it to heal correctly.

i am not stuck on the couch, Russ is at band practice. i have a computer, a book, TV, and pillows, but i still feel stranded.

this sucks. :(

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Little Sarita said...

Goodness, honey. I'm sorry - feel better. :(