Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Nook, or not to Nook, that is the question.

Remember those 2010 goals I set? Well I have accomplished very little in two months.

My goals for the year if you don’t remember were to spend less, loose weight, and read more.

Well so far I have probably spent more due to wedding stuff, I lost 4 lbs and quickly gained it back, but I have been reading. Nothing really notable or amazing but at least my stack is getting a bit shorter. I think I need to also try and finish all the books I started which is a feat in and of its own. I don’t like not finishing books, it’s weird.

Speaking of books I have been researching the Nook and the Kindle and am still so undecided. My library wall we had built in the basement is packed and I think I need to stop buying physical books.

There are some definite pros to both the Nook and the Kindle

The Nook: I spend a lot of time in Barns & Noble so the free book previews are great. You can lend books to other Nook users, and the screen is bigger than that of the Kindle and it’s a lot sleeker looking

The Kindle: is thinner, more user friendly, and has a browser which I love. I am also a huge fan of Amazon and I get Amazon points from my credit card which I can use towards purchasing the kindle and buying e-books

Which would you choose?


Tierney said...

I'm biased since I currently own and love my Kindle. In fact, every member of my book club owns a Kindle. I love the fact that you can get alot of the classics for free or for a mere $1.99. I'm sure the Nook is sleek but the Kindle has been around longer and has had the opportunity to work out all of the kinks. But again, I'm biased...

Miss Malbec said...

do you find that the screen size is big enough?

also i have been looking for a book club, not sure if you have room for one more but i'm definitely interested.