Monday, June 7, 2010

Paella it's what's for dinner

On our way to Virginia Beach a few weeks back we stopped at La Tienda.

We bought wine, cheese, chorizo, paella rice, a clay paella pan and they gave us this recipe for paella.

At the beach we went to the fish monger and bought fresh clams, shrimp and some lobster we got the rest of the stuff at Farm Fresh.

It came out really well.

A few observations…

To keep cost down switch out the lobster with some kind of white fish that won’t flake too easily.
Instead of whole chickens just cube some boneless skinless thighs.
Of you can’t find La Bomba rice just use Italian Arborio
Use clams or mussels but both are a bit much.
Use more saffron
Don’t bother with both sizes of shrimp, one size makes life easier.

Tonight is our second attempt at paella, this time with some of these modifications. YUM!

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