Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Gives?

For the last month I have been going to the gym regularly 2-3 times per week and trying my best to eat right and small portions and taking alli.

I lost the 3 lb’s I had gained over what I usually weigh and now I’m stuck. The scale is the same every morning.

I’m totally frustrated now.

I only want to lose 10lb’s in the next 4 months. I think it’s a reasonable goal. But nothing seems to be working.

I know that muscle weighs more than fat so that could be the case and I know it’s really about how I feel, and I have definitely been feeling better, but at some point I want to be able to loose the weight and I want to know that when that time comes it’s not going to be insanely difficult.

I blame some of the weight on my birth control, but that’s not something I plan to stop any time soon.

And I’m not sure that I can handle the no carbs thing.

So anyone have any good ideas?


MrsMis said...

Talk to your doctor and maybe they can switch your BC? Also don't be discouraged!! I've never really looked into alli, is it working? Are you a fan of bravo tv? I really do like Bethenny Frankel's cookbook: The Skinnygirl Dish it has alot of great low fat, healthy recipes!

Miss Malbec said...

as far as BC goes most of them have some kind of weight side effect so i'm not sure thats an option. i thought the alli was working but now i'm not so sure.

i love bravo, but i have no idea who Bethenny is. i'll look into her at this point i'll try anything.

MrsMis said...

Bethenny from Real Houswives of NYC!! She started the "skinnygirl" brand. She is a chef and shes got some good healthy recipes in her cookbook :)

Aaron said...

What kind of cardio are you doing at the gym? A good running regiment has always been the cornerstone of my exercise routine. Summer is the best time to start an outdoor routine because the heat increases the potency of the work out.