Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Hurry up and Wait" is the name of the game!

The bank has countered and we just countered back with our best and final offer.

I’m really nervous. On the one hand I hope we get it. On the other I am terrified about having so little disposable income like I am used to.

Will I ever eat out again or go shopping? Will I have a great place to live, but no social life? How much will I be able to save? Probably not much.

If they say no then it’s back to the drawing board. To tell the truth I really am tired of looking for places. I’m worried prices will continue to fall (which is good) but that interest rates will continue to rise (which is very bad)

Also if all goes well we close on Aug 8th. That same day I have to drive to Winchester for Lauren’s wedding site visit. Two days later is Lauren’s bridal shower which I am throwing. Omg.

And on top of all that I still have the second bridesmaids dress on back order, it might not arrive for another 4 or 5 weeks, when that ships it will be another $266. Also a few weeks from now is when my family goes to NYC on my tab which means an almost $300 hotel bill and another $200 for buss tickets! And I have a pending CC bill of almost $1000.


I love treating friend to meals but I think that’s going to have to stop and buying things on a whim ends now. Sad.

I hope we hear back from the bank soon. Then at least I will know.

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Veritablerika said...

I feel ya Cortes. Being in the masters program means money is tight and it's hard to change lifestyle suddenly. I hope everything works out well with your house! I can't wait to see you this weekend at Kate's grad party :)