Monday, July 14, 2008

This means war!!!!

So as the maid of honor at my friends wedding I have begun planning the bridal shower.

I asked all the other ladies what day would be good for them and I vetoed suggestions made by the FMIL (future mother in law).

Now the bride and one of the bridesmaids have not been speaking and today I get an e-mail, from that same bridesmaid, saying that she has decided to throw a co-ed party on a day that I’m busy (because she did not think to ask me and then says in the e-mail…

"It's going to be pretty informal (which is actually the shower I loved the most when I got married.)"

Well you know what? GO F@&# YOURSELF!

So now I really need this shower to be PERFECT because I want to show her who she is dealing with.

I need help ladies! I hate all those shower games so we have to come up with something totally awesome!

So far the food will be ALL her favorite foods, Margarita’s (also her favorite), a trivia game (I asked the bride and groom to answer the same questions about each other, to compare), a recipe book full of recipes written by her family and friends, a table cloth signed by all the women at the shower offering well wishes.

I need more stuff…I was thinking about showing the video we made from Camp Letts in middle school, and then I’m not sure what else? I was thinking a “photo booth” would be fun, but I would need a wall to do it on, props, and a Polaroid camera.

There has got to be something else? What am I missing, what can I add? Please help!


Veritablerika said...

Let me start off by saying, you're totally right, it's your job and she's treading on your toes... BUT...Did I miss the memo? When did bridal showers become competitions? is it really all about out doing some other girl (who truly doesn't seem to be comparable to you at all in the first place)? I would focus on Lauren (which it seems like you are).
In my (albeit limited) experience, it's not unusual for people to throw more than one shower. My friend Erin had 4 count 'em FOUR baby showers. so what? She was thrilled, everyone had a fabulous time. My suggestion: don't stress yourself out, you always throw the best shin digs because they're planned well but laid back. Lauren knows who's in charge, she put you up at the head of the line remember? you've got a ton of stuff on your plate right now, trying to one up some other (clearly less awesome) bridal party shouldn't add such a large load.

Queen Rogue said...

your right. it just really bust my balls! and this will be her 3rd bridal shower since Brenda's co-workers are throwing her one this weekend as well.