Tuesday, July 1, 2008

showers and such

My BFF is getting married in October and as the maid of honor it is my duty to throw the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. BUT her future Mother-in-law is trying to take over the Bridal Shower and I am NOT happy!

Future mother-in-law said that none of the dates I proposed for the shower are good for her, and apparently her real mom’s office is throwing her another shower in July. How come no one tells me these things?

The bridesmaids dress came in the mail yesterday. It’s alright but the fabric is a bit cheap and my boobs don’t quite fit. So I ordered another dress that the Bride approves of. Its backordered so I hope it get here in time for me to return the first dress. It’s also twice as much as the first.

I have begun to hand make the invitations and envelopes for the Shower. They are super cute. And I will post pictures when I can.

This weekend I will be going to see 4 homes. One of which has the same floor plan as the first home we loved and lost. If it’s decent I am prepared to make an offer so if all goes well I may be in escrow by next week!

BTW I have killer cramps from outer space!


Veritablerika said...

is the longer dress the one that you're hoping will come in time? It's cute. I wouldn't worry about the other bridal parties, it means there will be less pressure for yours to be perfect. it will be a lot more chill. ;)

Kate said...

Why are all these people having mothers-in-law from hell? I simply do not understand. I guess it just goes to show how family-oriented we are that I can't imagine marrying someone whose mother would pull any kind of crap on me/my friends concerning the wedding.

Also, I say don't worry about the other parties because yours will be a billion times better by default. That's just how we roll.

Fingers crossed for the house!

Queen Rogue said...

yes the longer dress is the second one i ordered. i hope it comes on time and the blues match.

not sure whats up with the crazy mother in law, i think the problem is that she does not work so she just meddles. Brenda says we can have it at her house and if future mother-in-law get weird she's going to pull out the MOB card.

OMG i'm so excited about the house. i have this idea to put in a really modern spiral staircase and get all hardwood floors. i can't wait till SAT!