Friday, July 25, 2008


I’m sorry my pen keyboard has been silent. I have been dealing with house drama.

The home inspection was on Wednesday. Russ stayed home so that he could be there during the inspection, because I had to work late in D.C.

The inspector found a lot more things that need to be fixed. There is black mold under the kitchen sink, the ducts need to be cleaned very badly, the jets in the Jacuzzi tub don’t work (could be a $20 fix or a $2000 fix), the water heater needs to be replaced but is blocked by the AC refrigerant line which would have to be removed in order to get the water heater out, the fridge and oven definitely need replacing and so on and so forth.

Now because of all of this, Russ and I are thinking of going back to the bank and saying ok now we have to make about $15,000 worth of improvements can you lower the price a bit more. All we are asking is between $2,500. and $5,000. WELL our Realtor says that he does not think that the bank will accept this offer and better yet he says they might get angry and just say no to the whole thing. Like my parents I think he is trying to protect his commission. I already get 20% of it, so the lower the price goes on the house the less money he gets after all this work. If I’m not mistaken this is the line of work he decided to get into and I am his client and he does what I say! I don’t think he understands that, and I think that he thinks I’m 12 and don’t know any better.

My only concern is that he’s right and that they might say “NO DEAL!” I do not want to start this process over again. It’s too long, takes too much time, and I was totally stressed waiting for offers to be accepted or countered back.

So now I just wait until I get the appraisal back to make a decision. My realtor keeps calling, and I keep ignoring his phone calls because he wants me to sign a paper that once signed will not allow me to counter on the price based on the inspection findings.

So now we wait again.


Kate said...

You should come talk to my dad. He and my Mom have bought foreclosures before so they have some experience dealing with this crap. He might have some advice.

And I agree, I seriously doubt the bank would just cancel the sale. I really think worst case they would say, "take our current agreement or not."

Little Sarita said...

You know, your realtor sounds like a total jerk. Ignore him. You know what? If he doesn't like it, you can find another. A friend of my family is a realtor - he helped us sell our house up in VA. If you want, I can find his info for you...

As for 'Might need to find another house'... It might be a blessing in disguise. We bought the first house that we saw and now I'm regretting it! Then after we bought it, I drove over to my mom's and found a house that was AMAZING!

Regardless, I don't know how the housing market up there is, but down here - any offer on a foreclosure is a good offer. And with the appraisal showing what it does? It's perfectly acceptable.

Keep your chin up, hon. You can do it!