Thursday, June 26, 2008

Travel Required.

Ok so my work travel schedule is getting a bit out of control!

To Erika, I’m sorry I will miss your birthday because I will be working the 2008 Air and Space Conference.

To Kate & Aaron, I’m Sorry I will miss your birthday weekend because I will be at a planning meeting in Arizona.

To Russ, I’m sorry I have to leave the day of your birthday for the 2008 Global Warfare Symposium in LA.

And to my Family, I’m sorry I will be gone the week of Easter next April because I will be in Arizona again.

Thank god I’m not missing anyone’s birthday during the Air Warfare Symposium in Feb. that would be just too much.


Veritablerika said...

oh geez. you should tell them that they have to give you YOUR birthday off on principal.

Queen Rogue said...

what a good idea! i wish!