Wednesday, June 18, 2008

YAY! Cheese!

Ok so enough of the wedding stuff.

I do have a new cheese to share.

Mature Cheddar with Malt Whisky

Available from October to December, this is an admirable cheese for the festive season. Clawson has taken a fine Mature Cheddar and added a good helping of malt whisky, making this a warming, wintertime cheese.

This cheese is definitely the best cheese I have ever had! Yes I know what you’re thinking…but Kathy it’s not blue cheese! I know but by far this cheese is totally amazing, you can really taste the Whisky. It’s a bit crumbly but very creamy and wonderful served cold with water crackers or olives.

It’s hard to find because it has to be imported from the UK but SO worth it!

Here’s a secret…

If you are ever at the Maryland Renaissance Festival go to Wolfstone Kilt Company and you will be able to try this cheese for free!

But you did not hear it from me!

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