Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soap Box

*gets up on her soap box*

I am Sick of your Holier than Thou attitude!

You may have been in this business longer than I have, but I have been at this company longer than you have and when I tell you that we do things a certain way it is not because I think it’s better than your way, it’s because I have already tried to change it and been reprimanded for it.

Just get over yourself!

And while I’m up here, who the hell gave you permission to call me “Kath” the first day you met me. You can call me Kathy just like everyone else!

*steps down from the soap box*

1 comment:

Veritablerika said...

muahahaha. LOVES IT. You should tote that box around with you and lay down the law all over the place. :)